Geochronology of high-temperature rocks and hydrothermal ore deposits in China

This reos is affected by the charge re-os of rhenium atom. The beta decay arsenopyrite Re is used for rheniumosmium dating re-os ores. Facts Re-os Osmium. Uses of osmium. Because of its density, osmium is often alloyed with other precious metals to make products such as instrument pivots, phonograph needles, and electrical. Rhenium has a mass abundance parts per billion ppb of , while Osmium has a ppb of By comparison, Gold has a ppb of 4.


Re and Os rhenium and osmium are chalcophile-siderophile elements transition metals with a unique position in isotope geochemistry. Unlike other commonly used decay schemes for radiometric dating, these metals take residency in resource-related media, for example, sulfide minerals, the organic component in black shales, coals, and bitumens and oils. In short, the reducing environment is their haven whereas under oxidizing conditions, Re and Os become unmoored and the radiometric clock becomes compromised.

The clock is not temperature sensitive, and its applicability spans Early Archean to Pleistocene. This Bunsen Medal lecture will explore and review the challenges in bringing Re-Os from the meteorite-mantle community into the crustal environment. At the center of it all is our ability to turn geologic observation into a thoughtful sampling strategy.

Re–Os geochronology, Noble gas isotopes, orogenic gold- arsenopyrite Küre, Rhenium–Osmium isotopic dating of two types of arsenopyrite from the.

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Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

The Marco zone is hosted by amphibolite-grade, strongly foliated volcanic rocks and consists of disseminated gold, with an apparent thickness ranging from 1. The lithotectonic sequence comprises footwall basaltic andesite amphibolite overlain by a lenticular unit of metadacite and then by hanging-wall basaltic andesite amphibolite, all intruded by quartz—feldspar porphyry dikes.

Dacite, basaltic andesite amphibolite, and quartz—feldspar porphyry show a calc-alkaline to transitional affinity and plot in the plate margin arc basalt field, with typical volcanic arc trace element patterns. Mineralization consists of pyrite, arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, and gold, disseminated in deformed dacite, in andesite amphibolite, and in quartz—feldspar porphyry dikes. Dacite and andesite display weak alteration characterized by silicification.

bearing arsenopyrite by Re-Os isotope dating method and got normal isochronal age of ±Ma. Based on studies in outdoors, regional geology settings.

The Longmendian Ag—Pb—Zn deposit is located in the southern margin of the North China Craton, and the mineralization occurs mainly in quartz veins, altered gneissic wallrocks, and minor fault breccias in the Taihua Group. Based on vein crosscutting relations, mineral assemblages, and paragenesis, the mineralization can be divided into three stages: 1 quartz—pyrite, 2 quartz—polymetallic sulfides, and 3 quartz—carbonate—polymetallic sulfides. Wallrock alteration can be divided into three zones, i.

Fluid inclusions in all Stage 1 to 3 quartz are dominated by vapor-liquid two-phase aqueous type W-type. The H—C—O—S—Pb isotope compositions indicate that the ore-forming materials may have been derived from the Taihua Group and the granitic magma. The fluid boiling and cooling and mixing with meteoric water may have been critical for the Ag—Pb—Zn ore precipitation. It is also an important mineral province, hosting a variety of ore deposits [ 1 , 2 ]. The regional Au and Mo mineralization was coeval with the first Mesozoic magmatic phase there late Jurassic-early Cretaceous, ca.

Meanwhile, Ag—Pb—Zn mineralization was mostly coeval with the second magmatic phase early Cretaceous, ca. In addition, Neoproterozoic Mo mineralization was also reported locally, as represented by the Zhaiao and Longmendian deposits [ 15 , 16 ]. The Longmendian Mo mineralization is spatially related to the migmatites but distal from intrusions or faults [ 17 ]. Four types of fluid inclusions FIs have been recognized in the Mo-bearing quartz and calcite grains, i.

The Paleoproterozoic mineralization event was interpreted to have linked to the collision between the western and eastern NCC along the Trans North China Orogen at 1. The regional tectonic events include the formation of the continental nucleus and then the cratonic basement in the Paleoproterozoic, Mesoproterozoic rifting, Neoproterozoic-to-Paleozoic sedimentation, and Mesozoic tectonic reactivation.

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We support our arsenopyrite analyses by additional analyses of a pyrite and chalcopyrite These sulfides also contained low to very low ppt level Re and Os (Table 1). ) or date at ± 2 Ma by 40Ar/39Ar on biotite (Marheine et al.

Full Text 2. Geochronological investigations in China were initiated nearly 50 years ago, mainly since the establishment of university programs teaching isotope geochemistry and the setup of geochronological laboratories. During the late ‘s and early s, the geochronological framework of China’s landmass has been established by numerous isotopic studies. Over the past decade, state-of-the-art geochronological laboratories have been established in China, contributing to the country’s increasing role in many fields of Geosciences.

This article highlights some of the major geochronological achievements of the past decades, with special focus on China’s Precambrian geology, the improved understanding of age relationships in the Mesozoic Igneous Province of eastern China, and new developments in the dating of hydrothermal ore deposits. Keywords: Geochronology, Precambrian continental evolution, Mesozoic Igneous Province, hydrothermal ore deposits, China.

The initiation and development of geochronological research in China was a result of the recognition of its fundamental importance to the understanding of the geological evolution of China’s landmass and its exploitation for mineral deposits.

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The Maoling gold deposit, one of the large gold deposits in eastern Liaoning Province, NE China, is an arsenopyrite-disseminated gold deposit with a resource of approximately 25 t Au and an average Au grade of 3. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Zhou, T.

The deposit is hosted by volcaniclastic rocks (basaltic to andesitic) and banded dykes, Ar/Ar dating of fuchsite formed in the Sunrise shear zone, Re–Os dating of Au mineralization is hosted within quartz–carbonate + pyrite + arsenopyrite.

Both Re and Os are siderophile elements mostly enriched in alloy and sulfide phases. As Os is a highly compatible element during partial melting of mantle and Re is a moderately incompatible element Brenan, ; Sattari et al. This significant geochemical behavior makes Re- Os isotope system available for tracing and dating. High parent isotope content is essential for establishing a radioisotope system. Thus, concentration of Re is a key to application of Re- Os isotope system.

Thus, molybdenite Re-Os isotope chronometry is successfully utilized to date different hydrothermal ore deposits Fu et al.

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Degao Zhai, Anthony E. Economic Geology ; 5 : — Native gold is intergrown with molybdenite and pyrite in auriferous quartz veins hosted by a monzogranite-monzonite stock and locally by Proterozoic gneiss, thereby offering an excellent opportunity to directly date the mineralizing event.

Re os dating pyrite – Scientific reports Geochemistry characteristics and Re-Os including arsenopyrite and pyrite, have significant common Os, they can still be.

This stratigraphic chart covers the international geologic time scale, chronostratigraphy of China, lithostratigraphy and biostratigraphy subdivision of China, magnetostratigraphy, event stratigraphy and sea level change; makes stratigraphic subdivision and correlation of different regions; presents corresponding description of the stratigraphic chart.

The Stratigraphic Chart of China bears important scientific significance and strong practicality. It was exhibited and discussed in the 34th International Geological Congress and the 4th National Stratigraphy Congress, and earned favorable comments and great attention of international and Chinese geologists. The research was supported by the Geological Survey Project from the CGS, and included aircraft modification, electromagnetic compatibility, high quality magnetic measurement and remote control technique.

As the extremely low altitude terrain following survey technique was achieved, the bottleneck of using UAV to carry out survey in low-altitude areas was broken up. The key features of the UAV system reached world advanced levels. Some more optimization researches will be conducted to make the system commercially usable for geological and mineral survey.

The team of Prof. It was discovered that mineral assemblages of alunite, covellite, enargite, digenite and other typical minerals were formed in the epithermal deposit. According to comprehensive information, the South Tiegelong deposit was defined as the first HS epithermal deposit in Tibet. Detailed survey showed that copper and gold resources of more than million tons and over 50 tons have been controlled, respectively.

Research (Crustal Re-Os Geochronology)

Table S1. It is not known whether environmental O 2 levels increased in a linear fashion or fluctuated dynamically between the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis and the later Great Oxidation Event. New rhenium-osmium isotope data from the late Archean Mount McRae Shale, Western Australia, reveal a transient episode of oxidative continental weathering more than 50 million years before the onset of the Great Oxidation Event. Transient oxygenation events, like the one captured by the Mount McRae Shale, probably separated intervals of less oxygenated conditions during the late Archean.

Six arsenopyrites closely related to Au mineralization of the Maoling gold deposit are dated by Re-Os technique and define a Re-Os isochron with an age of.

The Iso-Kuotko deposit is located 10 km to the north of Suurikuusikko along the same shear zone. Gold mineralization at Iso-Kuotko formed in two major stages: an early stage refractory gold mineralization with auriferous arsenopyrite with similarities to the ore at Suurikuusikko and a late, main stage mineralization with free gold in carbonate-quartz veins with abundant pyrrhotite, native bismuth and other sulphide minerals.

This latter ore is absent at Suurikuusikko. Based on U-Pb dating, as well as Re-Os and Pb-isotope systematics of rock-forming and hydrothermal minerals, we evaluate the relationships between tectonic evolution and formation of gold deposits throughout the late Palaeoproterozoic in the northern part of the CLGB. Results from in situ U-Pb dating of zircon and petrographically well constrained hydrothermal monazite and xenotime by LA-ICPMS, and model age calculations using Re-Os isotopic data for arsenopyrite and in situ Pb-isotope data for galena from the Iso-Kuotko deposit provide evidence for multiple episodes of hydrothermal activity along the KiSZ.

Data suggest coincident felsic magmatism and structurally controlled fluid flow events during wrench fault-dominated N-S shearing associated with early, micro-continent accretion ushering in the Svecofennian orogeny. This time-interval is concurrent with widespread granitoid emplacement at the close of the Svecofennian orogeny. Disturbance of the Re-Os system in the early auriferous arsenopyrite can be connected to the late stage mineralizing processes. Pb isotope data suggest a mixed mantle and lower crust origin for fluids in the post-orogenic hydrothermal system.

In situ U-Pb dating in polished thin sections in tandem with electron microprobe analyses of mineral compositions and detailed textural observations, highlights the utility of xenotime and monazite as robust geochronometers capable of recording repeated hydrothermal events in Paleoproterozoic orogenic systems. Results provide precise temporal constraints for orogenic gold mineralization and vital information to refine the tectonic evolution of the Central Lapland Greenstone Belt.

Repeated syn- and post-orogenic gold mineralization events between 1. T1 – Repeated syn- and post-orogenic gold mineralization events between 1. Overview Fingerprint.

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